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Are all Rodenberg entrance door panels produced in Germany?
Yes, all of our entrance door panels are produced at our 5 locations in Germany. For us, "Made in Germany" is a promise of quality to our customers. You can trust that all our products meet the highest quality standards. That goes for the use of the finest materials as well as for the superior quality workmanship, durability and easy-clean character of our entrance door panels.
Are stainless steel applications susceptible to fingerprints?
Not at all, in fact, all stainless steel surfaces on our entrance door panels are provided with an additional protective transparent lacquer coating. This ensures that you are optimally protected from bothersome fingerprints and soiling, making cleanup a breeze.
Can I try out virtual designs for my entrance door?
With the aid of our "Door Designer" your Rodenberg dealer will work together with you to create your custom dream door directly on the screen. In just a few steps, your chosen Rodenberg model will be combined with various colours, types of glass and exterior handles, all according to your preferences. You can see your new entrance door as it will look "installed" at your home even in the planning stage - with the help of either a photo of your entryway or a sample facade of your choice. Further Information
Do Rodenberg entrance door panels have thermal insulation glass?
All Rodenberg entrance door panels, even the basic models, have special thermal insulation glass, that improves the energy footprint of your door more so than conventional insulation glass. Moreover, the internal insulation core of a 24 mm thick Rodenberg entrance door panel is characterised by exceptional heat protection. Anyone desiring to cut heating costs still further will choose an even thicker door panel.
How can I protect myself from uninvited guests at the entrance door?
We recommend a multifunctional entrance door panel with a modern video monitoring system. This system allows you to play it safe, because you decide who you will invite in and who you won't. Here, the security features are directly integrated. A door intercom for voice identification and the additional visual control provided by a video camera enable every occupant to identify visitors already at the entrance door without having to open it. This is a significant security advantage, especially for children and seniors.
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What does Colani Courage mean?
"Colani Courage" is the name of a high-end collection of door panels that have been designed exclusively for Rodenberg by Luigi Colani, one of the foremost designers of our day. His creations, inspired by nature, are as extravagant as they are unmistakable and meet even the highest of design requirements. The surface of all the models in the Colani collection can be wonderfully accentuated with colour using high gloss lacquer – even with silver and gold if you like. The Colani special catalogue is available from your Rodenberg dealer. 
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Which additional security features are useful?
Entrance door panels from Rodenberg provide exceptional security even in the standard version, which can, however, be further increased in accordance with your personal requirements. PVC and aluminium panels can be further reinforced with an internal steel panel. Laminated safety glass makes it significantly more difficult to break the glass by force. We recommend asking your specialty retailer about this; they would also gladly inform you about DIN-certified burglar resistant entrance door panels.
Who will help me choose my Rodenberg entrance door panel?
With roughly 3.000 sales partners, the quickest route to your Rodenberg entrance door panel is to contact a door manufacturer or building materials retailer near you. They will give you expert advice on the design of your individual entrance door. Ask your dealer expressly for original Rodenberg models. We would also be glad to suggest a qualified partner for you – simply fill out our contact form
Why do polished brass handles need special protection?
At Rodenberg, all exterior handles and interior latch handles made of highly polished brass are provided with a high quality PVD protective coating. This surface coating protects the rather sensitive material from scratching, wear and corrosion. This allows our brass accessories to retain their beautiful golden sheen. Without a protective film, brass oxidises in the air and takes on a brownish or grey-green patina.
Why is toughened safety glass so important for a full glass door?
At Rodenberg, all lacquered full glass door panels are comprised of double or triple toughened safety glass = ESG. ESG has flexural strength almost double that of normal glass, in addition to a significantly higher degree of shock and impact resistance. Because of these properties, the use of ESG is simply indispensable for large surface area full glass doors that are exposed to especially harsh stresses. In addition to the security aspect, appearance plays an important role. Which is why we don't use conventional glazes that, due to production methods, have a "green cast" to them; but rather, we only use special decolourised and thus colour-neutral ESG. For this reason, the colours and applications of a lacquered full glass door appear exceptionally brilliant.